Work Place Security

5 LINQ provides exceptional security guard services for executive buildings and offices. Our guards can be stationed at guard shacks, entrances that require ID verification or any area that requires a strong security presence. We can meet all areas of security by providing posted guards, foot patrol, vehicle or golf cart canvasing. Our guards are guaranteed to maintain a professional pleasing appearance and to be personable and professional while not only providing security but also a friendly customer/client service.

Our goal is to effectively deter theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, trespassing, and other criminal activities at offices and executive buildings. It is also our responsibility to enforce your company’s regulations, safety protocols, rules and guidelines.

Due to inconsistent economic times, companies are finding it necessary to have lay-offs. Either in small or large masses, these instances can often pose an eminent threat. 5 LINQ assists in being proactive by being present. Should an employee become disruptive, the agent will assist to regain composure and escort the individual out, ensuring the safety of the surrounding personnel and outer perimeters. Our workplace security agents exercise conflict resolution before the use of physical removal, comply with the laws of the State of California, and work with local law enforcement should it become necessary.

Workplace Protection Los Angeles

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At 5 LINQ we pride ourselves in providing exceptional security for all types of events